Jim Cook: Owner

Following an eight year sailing adventure on a 50 ft sloop, 40,000 open ocean miles,  a stint working underground in the Canadian Yukon silver mines, an Ecomonics degree and some considerable time working in the corporate electrical engineering world - Jim decided to purchase the Victoria Sailing School. In 1985 he moved the school to Denver, Colorado and has been teaching people to sail from the Rocky Mountain area for the last 30 years.

Despite being about as far away from the Ocean as possible, Jim's sailing school has been a great success. At the end of 2015, Jim launched Colorado Watersports - the latest branch of the Victoria Sailing School. Having raised two beautiful daughters, Jim has seen the benefits of sailing and watersports first hand. Now he is excited to watch Colorado Watersports prosper and entice more and more people to the water.

What Jim says: "There is no sport quite like sailing in teaching people the importance of knowing what is around you at all times - just wait until your son or daughter learns to drive... I guarentee it will prove itself useful!"

Audra Tromly: Camp Director

Audra is a Denver native and a recent graduate from the University of Puget Sound in Washington State. Out in Washington she developed a love of being on the water through being on her collegiate rowing team. Her rowing experience then lead her to canoe and row the 2,320 miles of the Mississippi River with an organization called OAR Northwest. On the river the organization spoke to students about outdoor adventures, took science samples, and worked with Google to Google Map the River

She has recently moved back to Denver and is excited to share her love of the outdoors and water. She is especially excited to encourage people in our land locked state to have a love of water sports!



Caroline Powell: Assistant Camp Director
Caroline is a junior at Colorado State University studying Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism and Business Management. She learned how to sail as a child and began instructing at Colorado Watersports last summer. She is looking forward to another year on water!


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