We live in a world where 71% of the earths surface is covered in water. America is surrounded by water, with hundreds of lakes, reservoirs and rivers. How many children grow up in our country without being able to take advantage of the coastlines and boating facilities? Even in Denver, it is possible to enjoy watersports. Most children though are encouraged to play football, soccer or another ball sport. All of which are great sports but probably not for everyone.



 Why watersports?

For a lot of children, participating in team activities such as football or lacrosse is really hard. They may find that they do not enjoy the sport, or maybe they are just not as good as the others in the team. This affects their confidence and puts them off of physical activity. All watersports tend to operate differently; in most cases people control their own piece of equipment. When they do this in a safe and confined area such as our protected bay on Chatfield Reservoir, their level of confidence boosts. There are many children who in the past, for various reasons, have not been team players. However, once they are on the water they are then happy to be involved with others and eventually they build that camaraderie that will then help them grow as individuals and follow them throughout their lives.

Watersports can be as energetic or as relaxed as you want it to be. For a lot of children, that first step away from the computer games or TV can be intimidating, especially if their fitness level isn't great. All our instruction is at a steady pace; they will quickly begin to feel better, their strength will improve and they will then start to challenge themselves and want to practice more and more. We have seen many kids transform in to really enthusiastic watersports people.

Once your children have developed their new skills and want to carry on their new hobby, it is not necessary to rush out and buy really expensive equipment. There are centers and camps such as Colorado Watersports, with wide varieties of equipment for different levels of ability, who teach kids year after year. This is a great way for children to mix with friends who have similar interests, and keep in touch with their instructors who will in time become their role models. Over vacations, and weekends, you kids will now be active, in the fresh air, and possibly they will then go on to be instructors themselves.


What do Colorado Watersports offer for your kids?


Every summer, Memorial Day through Labor Day, Colorado Watersports offers a selection of children's day camps:

Sail. SUP. Kayak. Canoe.

These energetic camp are an ideal opportunity for your children to get outdoors this summer and try something new.  Complete beginners are warmly welcomed.  Ages 5 through 15.  See you on the water!
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