Our advanced sailing and watersports camp is designed for children aged 6 and over, who already have sailing and watersports experience.  We expect that by the end of the five day camp, our campers will be sailing confidently with both sails (main and jib), tacking and gybing and using some tactics where possible.  They will develop a deeper understanding of the wind, sense of direction and will also be able to rig the boats by themselves.  In addition to the sailing, we also include sessions on the stand up paddle boards, and kayaks; the kids will learn how to do tricks, exercises and synchronized maneuvers on the paddle-boards, and use the kayaks to explore more of the lake and its creeks.  We include these other activities to add variety, and also as a solution for no wind!

The camp will follow the same timings as the beginner watersports camp, which is 9am - 3:30pm with day care available. 


We will be running two advanced camps this summer: One starting July 18, and one starting August 8.

 If you would like any more information please call us, and then book online by clicking on the button below:


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