Get introduced to sailing, stay safe, and have fun

The above statement is one that we take very seriously in every aspect of our operations, from selecting our location to the type of boats we use to the wearing of lifejackets (all with whistles). 

Our location

Our location is shown on in the picture below - notice that there is land on 3 sides (the shaded area to the right are mud flats, about 1 ft. deep).  One of the facts about learning how to sail - to go upwind, you have to know what you are doing, so while you are learning, you are only going to go downwind.  This means that our location is extremely safe in all winds, except if the wind blows from the South East.  If the wind does start to blow from the South East (which it seldom does in the summer), we pull all of our equipment off the lake and do other activities.  The owner of both the Victoria Sailing School and Colorado Watersports has been sailing professionally for over 45 years, recognized this safety feature when we selected this location.


Our boats

And then we have our boats.  We wanted a boat that was a) big enough for the kids weight not to cause a capsize and b) had enough sail combinations to satisfy the demands of teaching very young children through advanced adults.

We chose the Topaz Uno an English boat that has been manufacturing dinghies for generations.  We can start off with a reefed mainsail, go to a full main, add a jib and then add a gennaker.  After that we have a high performance mainsail.

For those of you who do not know how to sail, this is all probably gobbledygook, but it means that we can adjust the boat for the skill level.





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